SQL Database Repair Software 4.8 

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软件平台: Winxp/vista/win7/2000/2003

无插件 安全 正式版


你是否遇到过MS SQL database 崩溃,当你尝试恢复打开MS SQL 数据库时,出现以下错误提示:
"Server can't find the requested database table"
"Index '%ls' on '%ls' in database '%ls' may be corrupt because of expression evaluation changes in this release. Drop and re-create the index"
"The process could not execute 'sp_replcmds' on server"
"The file *.mdf is missing and needs to restore"

你的数据库突然丢失,且你没有备份。别着急,Stellar Phoenix SQL Database Recovery正是解决此类问题的一款软件。