Partition Saving

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分割储蓄是一个MS - DOS为基础划分的备份和恢复计划。 Partition Saving can copy a partition to a file.分割储蓄可以复制一个分区到文件。

Partition Saving is intelligent enough to copy only occupied sectors to the file, if the partition is FAT12, FAT16, FAT32, NTFS or ext2.分割节能是智能不足,以复制,只有占领行业的文件,如果分区是fat12 ,将FAT16 ,在FAT32 , NTFS或的ext2 。

Partition Saving is also able to compress data in the partition and split it into several files.分割储蓄,也可以压缩数据,在分割和分裂成几个文件。 This is especially useful when saving hard drive partitions to CD's or DVD's.这是特别有用的时候,节省硬碟分割区到CD或DVD的。