Ovi Maps Racing S60v5 1.00 3

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软件平台:Symbian S60 五版

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  Access your location, create a track and put the pedal to the metal. Ovi Maps Racing gives racing game enthusiasts a totally unique gaming experience combining map navigation and racing. Why not race on your home street? In addition to creating your own tracks in European cities, you can also choose from pre-defined tracks and check global rankings. Ladies and gentlemen, download and start your engines!

  访问您的位置,建立一个跟踪,并把油门踩到底的金属。 Ovi全地图赛车赛车游戏爱好者提供了一个完全独特的游戏体验相结合的地图导航和比赛。为什么不在您家的街道比赛?除了在欧洲城市建立自己的轨道,您也可以选择预先定义的跟踪和检查的全球排名。女士们,先生们,下载和启动发动机