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  Help prince Bodeas fight his way through the Underworld, in a quest to rescue his mistress, Ereniki, from Hades, god of Death.

  Travel through forests, temples and catacombs to enter the realm of the Underworld. Encounter vicious creatures, including the Amazons, Ghosts, Harpies and many more! All levels are randomly generated: Explore a new world every time you play!

  Got bored of single player games? Epos supports multiplayer gaming8 players can battle in the game's arenas!

  Be careful! It's easy to lose track of time while experiencing this state of the art 3D action game... Especially if you have company!

  Hot features!

  through Bluetooth! Up to

  3D, highly immersive graphics

  Multiplayer: 8 player deathmatch through Bluetooth

  14 randomly generated levels

  16 different opponents, bosses and traps

  4 types of power-ups for your Hero

  Skirmish mode for fast action: never-ending, action packed battles!

  Dialog that is actually fun to read!


  支持 :

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  Toshiba TS921 Toshiba V803T Toshiba V903T Toshiba 803 Toshiba V904T

  Sharp 902 Sharp SX813 Sharp 802

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  LG LX350

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  Samsung SGH-ZM60