Diversant II秘密潜入

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  1943. They landed you for the front line. Purpose: to obtain the maps of the arrangement of secret plants and laboratories on the production of weapon. Clever and insidious enemies will be on the watch you in all locations, ambush, but this will not prevent real saboteur from carrying out tasks. For you one must be slain with the superior forces of enemy, deliver secret documents into the staff, take possession of enemy weapon and use him.

  For you it is necessary to join the unequal battles and to obtain weapon and ammunition, in the close battle on the knives to remove hour and to explode entire forces by grenades, secretly to be scolded and to go around enemy from the rear. After the fulfillment of each combat mission the saboteur can obtain rewards and new titles, depending on craftsmanship and khrabrosti.V to game from shchti to "mi of different levels, it is somewhat specific weapon, including garnets and machine gun.

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