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Hugo CannonCruise雨果之炮舰巡航 v1.0

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  雨果系列的游戏。雨果为了侏儒与全世界的生灵到远海与刀巫及其帮凶进行的三大战役。(三个不同目标的任务,每个任务又分好几关)。含MIDP 1.0和2.0的三个版本。

  Hugo's harmonious existence at home in the

  Triggi Troll Forest is threatened with

  extinction because Scylla ľ the wickedest witch

  this side of the West ľ has discovered a book

  describing the secrets of Idunaĺs Cave. It is

  here that the mythical Phoenix Tree grows one

  apple every 1000 years. And if you are lucky

  enough to eat the apple you are granted three

  wishes. Scylla has a deep-hearted wish for

  ultimate power and eternal beauty. But most of

  all she despises the trolls, longing for their

  permanent extinction. So now she has the chance

  to have all her wishes fulfilled!

  Get ready to go on an exciting CannonCruise

  with Hugo

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