Final Fight 快打旋风 CAPCOM S60 J2MEv2v1.2.5Final Fight 快打旋风 CAPCOM S60 J2MEv2v1.2.5标题图

Final Fight 快打旋风 CAPCOM S60 J2MEv2v1.2.5 v2v1.2.5

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  有着CAPCOM的金字招牌,Final Fight 这款手机移植游戏相信也不会令大家失望。

  The early 90’s saw a number of superb games make the transition from arcade to home console, one of which was Final Fight. Now, this highly popular side scrolling beat-em-up has found another new home, on your mobile. Choose your character, and use your fists and feet to beat down a number of larger than life opponents. As the levels progress, the bad guys get tougher, and you’ll even have a number of big bad bosses to take on. Remember, the life of the president’s daughter is at stake, so you mustn’t fail!