San Fermines 2006奔牛2006

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  充满西班牙风情的奔牛也是充满危险哦!被强壮的公牛冲撞到可不是开玩笑的!The video game allows you to choose your favorite personage and to unblock the new secret personage who waits to jump to the streets. Trepidantes careers that incorporate many innovations, always with the emotion of having a herd of bulls you treading on the heels. New complements and movements that will help us to escape of the been afraid gores. The aim(lens) of the game is to escape full speed avoiding obstacles for the streets of Pamplona. If after overcoming eight confinements of which the holiday(party) consists we have remained with desire of coming furthermore(moreover) far, we have a fantastic level of unlimited duration that will do the delights of the most professional.