Hugo Evil Mirror 3 - Viking Camp雨果邪恶镜子 3- 维京人露营Hugo Evil Mirror 3 - Viking Camp雨果邪恶镜子 3- 维京人露营标题图

Hugo Evil Mirror 3 - Viking Camp雨果邪恶镜子 3- 维京人露营

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  Once in the cold winter afternoon troll Hugo easy baked cookies as suddenly, there was its sworn enemy - witch Scilla! It again wishes to salt to all trolls and that Hugo has not prevented to it, it has caught it in the bewitched Mirror of the Harm! For a dense forest of safety Scilla has broken a mirror into three parts and has scattered them everywhere. It has disappeared, shaking district the terrible laughter, having left three Hugo's children - Trollerit, Trollerat and Trollerut, in full confusion. Brave small trolls should find all splinters of a mirror to rescue Hugo. First two splinters are already found, now it is necessary to find last. Trollerut has learned, that that it searches, is at furious vikings. Without meditations the troll sends in winter the country - soon Hugo will be rescueed!