Tropical Madness疯狂热带雨林v1.1.4

Tropical Madness疯狂热带雨林v1.1.4 v1.1.4

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  还记得世嘉五代(美版)和世嘉土星上的经典游戏《刺猬索尼克3D大爆炸》(Sonic 3D Blast)吗?还有《疯狂滚珠》(Marble Madness),著名PC游戏Ballance的手机版。现在,Gameloft根据这两款经典游戏重新整合制作了一款新的动作手机游戏《疯狂热带雨林》(Tropical Madness)。


  You play Furrito, a living fur ball who rolls down the steep slopes of this island infested with enemies and traps of all kinds. Your goal: gather as many stars as you can find along your way in the least amount of time, while making sure that you stay on track and overcome all of the obstacles that stand in your way.

  You'll make your way through a 3D isometric environment that recreates three different colorful settings on this tropical island: the jungle, the beach, and the lost Aztec temple. To maneuver through this world, you'll have the choice of three types of controls so that you can move in the most intuitive way. Once you're rolled into a ball, you'll be able to launch yourself into the amazing heights of the forest, the breathtaking waterfalls, the steep rocks of the temple, etc.

  Of course, each environment includes its own set of enemies and traps. From the crocodile that you'll have to neutralize with the dash system to the serpent, from the crab to the bat, they'll all attempt to slow you down in your frenzied race to the finish line. But Tropical Madness isn't just about rolling down slopes. Many other challenges lie ahead of you: get around pits by balancing on a creeper or by jumping from one enemy to the next, propel the squirrel from barrel to barrel, avoid fires or spikes...and even an unforgettable chance to surf on the turquoise waters surrounding the deserted island!

  A game entirely focused on fun: intuitive controls and ultra-accessible gameplay, perfectly combining skill and adventure with a high-speed twist!

  A wacky, likeable character making his way through a colorful, exotic setting: a deserted island waiting to be explored!