Mouse Panic! 2老鼠恐慌汉化版 v1.00

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  引导饥饿的老鼠寻找奶酪,并带回家。 游戏的特色是贪婪邪恶的老鼠和发臭的奶酪。你要清除每关的迷题和花园、老窖与台面上的害虫。 当你进到下一关卡,又将面对更多新的迷题,包括传送带、会破的砖块、底部置换器、时间奖励和黑老鼠。

  Guide the hungry mice by laying down cheese trails that lead home.

  Featuring greedy mice, evil rats and loads of smelly cheese, can you clear each puzzle level of vermin over several zones from The Garden, Old Cellar and finally the Table Top.

  As you progress through the levels you will face many new puzzles that include...

  Mouse Transporters, Breakable Blocks, Base Swappers, Time Bonuses and the Black Rats.


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