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Moorhuhn Jump’n RunMoorhuhn猎金记

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  传说中的珍宝被认为埋没在古老的庙宇中,暗藏的陷井,坏脾气的大猩猩,攻击性的鳄鱼, 奇怪的僧人,木精,寺庙监护人,棒, 死亡的战士等等在每个关卡中等待怪鸡的降伏!!努力收集财富吧


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  Moorhuhn-Indy is following the legend of an ancient lost temple construction on the tracks of a long forgotten civilization. Legendary treasures are said to be buried there, but most of all an invaluable gem: the holy amulet of THINGY!

  Hidden traps, bad-tempered gorillas, aggressive crocodiles, strange shamans, wood spirits, temple guardians, bats, dead warriors and stranded aliens demand the courage and the skills of a true treasure hunter.

  But if Moorhuhn succeeds in following the trail of gold and gems through all 21 levels, it will stand in front of the hidden temple’s treasure chamber and hold the famous amulet of eternal happiness in its hands.