Crash And Trash碰撞与破坏

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  Help the malicious Crash Test Dummy ruin the reputation of most renowned cars on the market! Give vent to your stress and enter into an engaging sequence of crash tests! The player's task is to drive the car to the crash test tunnel, while preventing it from colliding against various obstacles placed on the level, passing through oil spots, taking off-road paths, etc.. Any of these events would in fact turn into a speed decrease and/or a loss of boost, thus negatively affecting the crash performance in the gallery. Initially, the crash gallery is closed: to unlock it, the player must retrieve all the letters forming the word “crash”.

  In order to maximize the damages on the car, the player has to approach the target wall inside the gallery with the right angle, according to the car’s weak points. The more damages are done, the more spectacular the crash animation is. During the driving stage the car is viewed from above, while during the crash stage the side view exalts the effects of the collision on the car itself and on the dummy. The car is controlled by 4 basic commands: Left, Right, Accelerator and Emergency Brake. Different kind of bonuses and power-ups are scattered through the levels to help the player carry out his task. In the game the most famous car brands appear with fake names: Merchandes, Troyota, Fiaz, Afta Romero, Polkswagen, Citronelle, etc...

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