250 Minutes Of Hope惊魂250分

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  Nokia S40, S60

  SonyEricsson T610, T630, Z600, K700i, Z1010

  Siemens S55, SL55, MC60

  Motorola V-series, E398

  After a brave mission that saved the nation of Zorgdion HR2 is back in action. The threat of virus spreading to the entire fleet has been removed but the Xeorg executed their plan B. They attacked an isolated ship, occupied it and it is now moving rapidly towards the Xeorg home planet Xeorgonos. This would bring advanced Zorgdion technology to the most deadly creatures making entire Universe a dangerous place. But there is hope. Using secret teleport device HR2 will board the ship, take control and activate safety protocol HR00GAMA. This is not an easy task. Every section of the ship must be checked, HR00GAMA protocol manually confirmed and the Xeorg are everywhere ready to destroy the brave HR2...

  Time is running out...