Sensible Sudoku数独游戏

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  SuDoKu by Softspin Services Pvt. Ltd. is a master puzzle game with inbuilt game generator. It is capable of generating more than 7.5 million unique games with different number placing logics. Easy to use interface gives the user ultimate gaming expereince. SuDoKu, popularly know as "Number Place" in U.S. is a very addective game. It invloves placing the numbers form 1 to 9 on a 9x9 board. While placing the numbers the player has to take care that the number is not repeated on the row and the column. The 9x9 board is also devided in 9 segments of 3 rows and 3 columns. No number can occure twice in a given segment of 3x3. SuDoKu does not involve any mathematics. Numbers are used just as symbols and do not carry any value. SuDoKu form Softspin Services Pvt. Ltd. gemerates more than 7.5 Million unique puzzles. Each puzzle has one and only one unique solution. The application has 27 logics to gemerate puzles and the logice is selected randomly form the pool of the logics. This gives the user a varity of puzzles and gives ultimate challenge to the brain as the logic which generated the puzzle is always selected at random. The game also tracks the time taken by the user to solve the puzzle. If user wants he/she can generate a new puzzle and start playing it all over again. Also a facility of "Hint" is provided. The user can move form one cell to another with the use of arrow keys and place the number by using 1 to 9 keys of the keypad. The placed number can be ereased by pressing 0 digit key of the keypad. All the future versions of the game will be provided to the users completely free of cost. The newer versions would include features like...Increased number of logics to generate new puzzles, saving & loading the games, Game Statics, Difficulty levels and puzzle solver.