Zapman3d吃豆子游戏 1.0

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  款最新的3D化的Zapman吃豆子游戏。 3D立体天空背景和 8 不同的迷宫地图 !

  改良的3D立体引擎版本。 音效/画面俱佳. 推荐此游戏. NG测试通过


  - 176 x208 全屏图像。

  - 完整的 3D立体环境和场景.

  - 3D立体声音。

  - 令人头晕的 3D立体天空背景的 8个不同游戏等级!

  游戏为分卷安装,请分别顺序安装1/2 两个SIS文件即可. 默认安装至MMC

  3D Zapman is a 3d-ized version of the original arcade games with a new modern look and feel. Move through 8 different mazes with awesome 3d sky backgrounds and beat the ghosts ! This game sports an enhanced version of our 3D engine.Here are the game features: - 176x208 fullscreen 3d resolution. - FULL 3D environment and models (no sprites!). - 3D stereo audio engine. - 8 different rotating levels with stunning 3d sky backgrounds!