Star Diversion星际转移

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  游戏简介 这是一款非常棒的飞行射击游戏,游戏中敌机多、子弹密集、背景为多层卷轴,层次丰富,对敌武器多样,可以追踪敌人,游戏火爆。

  Your arsenal consists of a double missile and a homing laser. Clear all the 5 stages and enjoy the fluidity of motion and the high-end graphic. If you like blowing things up, you’ll love Star Diversion. Often, several ships and dozens of projectiles will be seamlessly animated onscreen, with no sign of slowdown. The explosion effects are totally delicious, and the levels are (prepare to be shocked) actually distinguishable from one another.For example, the third level takes place over an aquatic fortress, whereas the first is set on the skyline of a bustling metropolis.