Commando Collection突击队合集

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  Commando Collection


  Commando 1 Desert Conflict

  Commando 2 Guerilla Jungle

  Commando 3 Frozen Hoskow

  We want YOU! for a mission few are qualified for, a mission few will survive. You are a member of the ATA - the Anti-Terror Alliance, a squadron of international elite Green Berets that fights against the terrorists who instil fear in people's hearts. But now get off the helicopter and step into the jungle where Death lurks around every corner! You crouch in the high grass, align the crosshair with the terrorist's chest, slowly squeeze the trigger, and a body falls to the ground. 'One down, a hundred to go', you think and disappear into the jungle...

  Jungle Commando, like the name suggest, consist of both a jungle and commandos. The objective of the game, like other shoot'em ups is basically to make your way through from one level to the next. How you choose to do this is totally up to you. The game starts of giving you with a gun, several hand grenades and three hearts. The hearts acts as a life/health. What I mean by this is that one heart can absorb several bullet shots or a couple of hits by shrapnel but can only take one direct hit by a grenade. The gun can fire across the entire screen but can not fire through rocks, trees etc. The grenade on the other hand can be lobed over many obstacles. This means that conserving grenades, as well as looking out for extra ones is an essential key to surviving each stage.

  The levels in Jungle Commando are quite large and the game is amazingly quite difficult. This is mainly due to the fact that the enemies can move a lot quicker than you can, making it tricky to dodge grenades and kamikaze soldiers. The lack of continues also means you have to start from level one every time you run out of three hearts. Although extra hearts and grenades can be picked up along the way, it still does very little when you're surrounded by and army of soldiers who can move a lot quicker than you can.