Bubbles Factory泡泡工厂 for S60

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软件平台:Symbian S60

无插件 安全 正式版


  款全新的泡泡游戏,类似泡泡龙游戏,玩法很简单, 相同的颜色的彩球在碰在一起就会爆破得分

  支持6600/7610/6620/6630等以上机型. 不支持NG/QD/SX1/3650等机型

  Our game represents variant of logic game Balls, and combines in itself both logic features of the original, and simplified mode of game for the fans of arcade.

  The goal of game is to shoot from gun with colored balls and clear field. If fired ball collides more than 2 balls of same color then these balls disappear.

  You will get points for all fires which hit target. Time by time ball field moves down toward gun.

  As soon as the first ball will touch the gun, you are looser. In case if you have cleared all field, you are the winner.

  There are two modes in game - Classic mode and Puzzle mode.

  In Classic game mode the field is filled with balls randomly, besides this from time to time new balls appear in the top of the field. From many difficulties you will be rescued by special prizes balls, which become for you a pleasant surprise.

  In a Puzzle game mode you should pass through the game level, created by the authors, If you made it then you are winner.

  In both modes of game it is possible to choose one from three levels of difficulty that makes possible to play our game both adults and kids users of phone.

  Easy controls and perfect design make it even better.