Super.Drop.Mania 1.00

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  • 软件类型: 正式版
  • 软件语言:简体中文

软件平台:Symbian S60

无插件 安全 正式版


  Super.Drop.Mania 一款3D的类似俄罗斯方块的游戏,但却与众不同。 你需要调整最上边的一行方块的位置,然后两个两个方块的落下与下边相同颜色的方块碰撞爆炸得分! 游戏背景音乐与音效十分悦耳动听。 新兵强烈推荐。

  此为MMC直接覆盖版,无需安装。 解压后将BROOM 文件夹复制粘贴到E盘的SYMTEM/APP目录下即可。

  Please welcome a new addiction - the deceptively simple gameplay of Super Drop Mania grabs you before you notice and gives you a puzzle of shapes and colors to solve.

  Play against the clock for big points or just take your time to solve the level, Super Drop Mania fits all gaming styles.

  Backed by colorful visuals and music to match, Super Drop Mania is a polished and addictive arcade puzzle game.


  100 unique levels

  Colorful environments

  Positively manic music

  Addictive casual gameplay

  Explosive special effects