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  "Being a pirate is all well and good...for any man, but once I lost me leg it was never the same. I needed the treasure for me and the wife to get our retirement home in Eastbourne", is what the pirate Long John Bronze had to say.

  If treasure is what pleases you, you?ll find it in our new game, DROPATHON, it brings out all the jewels for you. You secure yourself the winning spot by grouping similar jewels together. A task as challenging as a real treasure hunt. And that?s not all, you can have company of your choice.

  The game provides multiplayer options and offers you various modes to choose from. Solo hunters who like competition can choose to go head-on with our robust A.I. all within the game. So no matter what, someone else too has its eyes set on those jewels.


  1) The most addictive gameplay formula with a Twist!!!

  2) Play four modes for endless replayability.

  3) Modes Include:- Classic, Strategy, Battle and a really addictive Action mode.

  4) Challenge your friend for a multiplayer bout over Bluetooth.

  5) And if your friend is not tough enough, try a duel against our brutal Artificial Intelligence

  6) Stylised Graphics & Sound

  7) Easy to Use User Interface