Alpha Wing 2阿尔法空战2

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  Decades have passed and the war between mankind and the extraterrestrial invaders continues. Darkness and despair have spread throughout galaxy, and a single hope remains - the pilots of Alpha Wing.

  As one of these three brave intergalactic heroes, it’s up to you to defeat the alien menace. Take control of one of the Alpha Wing fighters and battle the advancing enemy over several spectacular but hostile planetary terrains. Each spacecraft has its own deadly weapon system to exterminate the vicious alien forces. But be warned - advanced space combat skills are essential to avoid their devastating attacks and your untimely demise.

  These three courageous fighters are the last hope to defeat the evil alien insurgents and bring freedom to the galaxy. Failure is not an option!


  - The futuristic sequel to the multi million-selling mobile game

  - Blazing 3D action with breathtaking graphics on compatible phones

  - Battle across three intergalactic planetary systems

  - Choose from three distinctive characters with individual strengths and unique weapons

  - Collect power-ups to boost your firepower and improve your score

  - Multiple levels of action with huge boss battles and teeth-jarring explosions

  - Upload your high scores to complete against others and show off your piloting skills!