Black Cross黑色十字架

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  200 years have passNokia Series 30, Series 40 and Series 60.

  SonyEricsson T610 series, K700/K700i/K750i/Z1010/V800

  Siemens CX65/C65/CV65/M65/S65/SL65

  Motorola V300/V303/V400/V500/V525/V551/V600/V980

  Sharp GX10,GX15,GX20,GX30

  LG U8110,U8120,U8130,U8138

  Samsung E700 series, D500.ed since the Black Cross failed at taking over our solar system. In 200 years its burnt soul struggled to once again bond with the core of Sol in order to regain its powers. Now it has happened. The spawn of Sol, known as the Black Cross, is reborn. It seeks revenge, and it is heading your way, stronger than ever! You, as a descendant of the former liberator of the Black Cross and the last member of the protectors of the Earth Guardian, have taken on the responsibility of rescuing your solar system from this great evil. XT-202, the latest in technology, armed with 2 self-energizing Multi Core Plasma cannons is the ship at your disposal. Use it well. Your first mission? Destroy the incoming Sol-o-nuclear missiles. Good luck saviour!