Caribbean Crisis加勒比海危机

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  (金山直译)可动装置 " 加勒比海的危机 "- 这对行动电话是比较关闭的,哪一在电脑游戏的宇宙 " 加勒比海的危机 " 中发生的行动. 就你而言一一定通过五个任务, 你将会统治特别的代理人,战车和重的工具。

  在你之前它将会站五件不同的工作。 就你而言它是必需的, 和解救战俘, 和抓住敌人技术, 和对敌人的秘密基础穿透, 和和策略的预备品渐渐破坏存储处。 你记得,敌人的军人各处武装到牙齿你期待。 你将会获得实行工作的秘密密码将会制造可能的使用一秘密的超级-电脑游戏 " 加勒比海的危机 " 的武器.

  Mobile "Caribbean crisis" - this is shuter for the cell phones, action of which occurs in the universe of computer game the "Caribbean crisis". For you one must pass five missions, during which you will govern special agent, tank and heavy instrument.

  Before you it will stand five different tasks. For you it is necessary, and to save prisoners of war, and to seize enemy technique, and to penetrate to the secret base of enemy, and to undermine depositories with the strategic reserves. You remember that the soldiers of enemy armed to the teeth everywhere you expect. The secret codes, which you will obtain carrying out tasks, will make possible to use a secret super-weapon in the computer game "Caribbean crisis".

  The Game is in Russian Language

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  Motorola C380, C650, V180,V220

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  Siemens CF62, C65, SL65 34508

  SonyEricsson T610, T630, Z600

  Sony Ericsson K500i, Z500i

  Samsung C100, C110, S300

  Samsung X100, X600