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Generals Alien Colony星际争霸战

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  喜欢laser tag类型的游戏迷有福了,我们为你奉献上 Generals:Alien Colony。游戏中,你可以选择人类一方,保卫地球不受外星人的侵犯;也可以选择外形侵略者一方。作为防卫的一方,你要保卫Cyren星球不受Zarudian的侵略。相反的Zarudian侵略者要控制这个星球,因为他们自己的星球在星球碰撞中爆炸了,这是他们唯一的生存机会。

  Fans of games such as Laser Tag rejoice with the materialization of this game Generals:Alien Colony. In this game you get to play either the human side defending yourselves from the alien invasion or play as the invading aliens. As the human you defend the planet Cyren from Zarudian invaders. Zarudian invaders on the other hand need to take control of the planet as it is their last hope for survival with their own home planet on a collision course with a star.