Magical Dragon魔法神龙

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  在很久以前,有一个邪恶的男巫想控制地球, 一个勇敢的青年Bandi 利用他的魔法化身为一条龙来拯救地球。

  Long time ago when earth was witnessing its dark ages, Mazoumba the evil sorcerer is trying to spread his power all over the world. Mazomuba used his spell to convert all creatures to his side. With no one else to stop this evil, Bandi the good wizard used his magic to change himself into a dragon. He is well determined to stop evil from absorbing the entire planet.


  Clever Opponents Opponents are clever when attack. They will act like Kamikaze when other means fail!

  Six Well designed levels:

  The levels are well designed and contain different territories and missions. At the end of each level there's either a bigboss or a big attack.

  Two different worlds

  Sound and Vibrator effects make the game more enjoyable.


  '4' or 'LEFT': Move the dragon to the left.

  '6' or 'RIGHT': Move the dragon to the right.

  '5' or FIRE: Shoot.

  '2' or 'UP': Move the dragon forward.

  '8' or 'DOWN': Move the dragon backward.

  '0': Pause/Resume game.

  '*': Switch Autofire on/off.

  '#': Gets you to the main menu.