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  你的目标是除去你的所有对手。不同于其他3D射击游戏,血色阻击不是残酷的杀戮,它只是一项运动~~ 你的弹药是一种颜色球、而且对手不会死,击中后他们举起他们的手认输继续下一场游戏~~


  Your goal is to eliminate all of your opponents. What is different from the other action games, Paintball is not about killing, it is about a sport. Your ammunition is just a color-ball and eliminated opponents do not die, but they raise their hands and wait for the next game.

  All favorite modes like Deathmatch or Capture the flag are present here. Players can choose among different difficulties and when they are bored with 11 arenas delivered with the game, they can download additional arenas from the internet.

  Controls 操作:

  2,8 - forward/back 前/后

  4,6 - left/right 左/右

  7,9 - strafe left/right 平移左/右

  1,3 - forward-left/forward-right 左转/右转

  5 - fire 开火

  0 - map 看地图