Miss SIAM the Spirit of Aviationv 1.00

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  由一个真实的故事改编的飞行射击游戏,似乎跟中国还有关系。 不过对于一款飞行游戏来说,剧情背景显然并不重要。 游戏画面做的相当不错。 在JAVA游戏里算是精品了。

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  向你的反射挑战吧 !!!

  支持6600以上所有机型。 不支持NG/QD/3650等

  Miss Siam the Spirit of Aviation (Series60)

  By Chiang Mai Digital Works Co., Ltd.

  Chiang Mai Digital Works Co., Ltd. presents Miss Siam the Spirit of Aviation, a classical shooting game

  based on a true story. Navigate yourself through colorful, high quality graphic and stunning game play.

  Miss Siam the Spirit of Aviation

  Based on a true historic solo flight from Siam to China in 1932 by Mr. Luen Pongsobhon.

  Miss Siam accomplish to be the sky ambassador between Siam and China.

  When war have spread across the world Miss Siam was modified into a highly efficient war plane that devastated enemy who dared invade the Siamese sky. And in this new mission we need you to help Mr.

  Luen Pongsobhon navigate Miss Siam to glory

  This exciting game will take you back into history and deal with non-stop attacks from the enemy fleet. Apply your skills and bring out your fighting instinct to accomplish the mission.

  Features :

  loads of enemies

  extremely high quality graphic

  addictive game play

  4 big bosses

  3 difficult mode from normal to hell

  high score ranking system

  thrilling sounds

  challenge your reflexes !!!