Fraxxon 2D星球大战

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  保护地球的人,破坏你遇到而且射击这一个拱廊古典作品的到下一个水平的你路每件事物! 你是在被建立前哨的月亮上的满意下手帮手,全球的同盟一个官员和唯一的生还飞行员,离开防护行星。 你仅仅有一偶然发生消灭收入的贮藏物敌人对于行星的速度。 你将要以这让这个外国的浮渣逃离吗? 如果你平安渡过凶猛的攻击而且击败 Fraxxon,你能用光荣返回家,如果你失败, ‘家' 一个字不再是在你的字汇中。 好运气!

  Are you man enough to save the planet.

  Protect the people of Earth, destroy everything you encounter and shoot your way to the next level in this arcade classic! You are Jake Striker, an officer of the Global Alliance and the only surviving pilot on the Moon based outpost, left to defend the planet. You have just one chance to annihilate the hoards of incoming enemies that speed towards the planet. Are you going to let this Alien scum get away with this? If you survive the ferocious attacks and defeat the Fraxxon, you can return home with honour, if you fail, the ‘home' is no longer a word in your vocabulary. Good luck!

  Game Features :

  * 1 Player

  * Wide handset support

  * Classic 2D Graphics

  * 50 Enemy waves

  * Multiple weapons and Power ups

  * Territory Worldwide

  支持机型 :


  3600, 3620, 3650, 3660, 6260, 6600, 6620, 6670, 7610, 7650, N-Gage, N-Gage QD