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Submarine Final Battle潜艇终极战

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  (金山直译)你指令一核子的迷你- 替代人员而且一定安全地向后地递送你的舰队作基础。 然而,航行从敌人水域将会很长的和困难。 你一定平安渡过数不尽的攻击。 不像你,敌人知道他的在水中的领域每寸而且将会不但使用直升飞机,潜水艇 , 水雷和深度的船费用而且挖掘 , 而且聪明的武器和甚至海面下的 volcanoes! 资讯科技看起来像没有一个你的组员一样


  You command a nuclear mini-sub and must deliver your marines safely back to base. However, the voyage out of enemy waters will be long and difficult. You must survive countless attacks. Unlike you, the enemy knows every inch of his underwater domain and will not only use helicopters, submarines, torpedo boats with depth charges and mines, but also intelligent weapons and even undersea volcanoes! It looks like none of your crew

  will make it out alive.