Platoon 2D野战排

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  (金山直译)战争的第一个意外事件是无罪。 你有它轮流当精华军人的吗? 基于奥斯卡金像奖? 得胜的卖座片,玩排? 打你的电话和经验如年轻的步兵一个成员的战斗在战争时代中用步枪射击越南丛林的排。 连同你的排一起完成致命的任务-同志。 对抗到成功的你路避免呆子圈套而且挖掘。 试着为了要完成每个任务而且促进过越南丛林的深度 , 平安渡过剧烈的跨火。 你控制你的班。 首先,一个队一定与技术一起选择相配任务的目的。 被 ??落的直升飞机飞行员的生活可以在那选择的策略方面休息。。。

  The First Casualty Of War Is Innocence. Do you have what it takes to be an elite soldier? Based on the Academy Award® winning blockbuster, play Platoon™ on your phone and experience combat as a member of the young infantry rifle platoon in the Vietnam jungle in war times. Complete deadly missions together with your platoon-comrades. Fight your way to success avoiding booby traps and mines. Try to survive heavy cross-fire in order to complete each mission and progress through the depths of Vietnamese jungle. You are in control of your squad. First, a team must be selected with the skills to match the objective of the mission. The life of a downed helicopter pilot could rest in the strategy of that choice...

  Game Features :

  -the iconic and definitive Vietnam war film

  -features characters from the film each with his own skills set

  -control two squad members throughout the missions

  -action-packed diverse missions in enemy territory

  -scene-setting animations and 3D environment

  -special effects such as rain, trudging through swamps and night missions


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