Mad Mass疯狂世界

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  (金山直译)2054 年,大混乱在世界上当政。 罪已经复盖荒废的公路, 哪里只有最强壮的和最快速的男人法律是有效的。 运气不和你在一起,你的家庭已经被谋杀,而且你从你的工作已经被逐放。 现在,你已经成为一个 ex 警察警官,而且报仇是你的宗教。

  你将会是掌管巡逻道路并且消灭在他们上的罪犯。 经过前往的不免一死的道路驾驶你的披甲机器拿你将会是比较强壮击败你的敌人奖金和武器。 由于你, 世界将会是一比较安全的和男人将会很快开始离开如人类的较安静的地方。 你是准备好的警官吗?

  Year 2054, chaos reigns in the world. The sin has covered the desert highways, where only the strongest and fastest man's law is valid. Luck is not with you, your family has been murdered and you have been ejected from your job. Now, you have become an ex police sergeant, and REVENGE is your religion.

  You will be in charge of patrolling the roads and annihilate the criminals on them. Drive your armoured machine through the mortal road to get bonuses and weapons with which you will be stronger to defeat your enemies. Thanks to you, the world will be a safer and quieter place where the men will soon start leaving as humans. Are you ready sergeant?