Black Metal黑色金属

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  In the year 2304 an outer space mercenary takes on contracts to destroy alien threats. You take on the role of the mercenary and head into the outer corners of space destroying the alien attackers and find the alien masterminds behind them. Black Metal is a side scrolling shoot em up with all the classic features: carnage, mayhem and big ass end of world bosses. The game contains jaw dropping graphics, smooth gameplay and a classic game feeling it should be jumping out of your phone soon.

  Features :

  * State of the art detailed graphics

  * 17+ huge levels giving you hours of playtime

  * 4 Different worlds with their own unique aliens

  * An extra bonus world: Tooncaves

  * Fully animated backgrounds

  * Big end of world bosses

  * Upgradable weapons

  * Special Megablast weapon

  * Unlockable worlds

  * Handy-continue play mode saves your progress for your next play moment

  * High score saving

  * Easy to learn hard to put away gameplay

  支持机型 :

  Motorola C975, Motorola E550, Motorola V300, Motorola V400, Motorola V500, Motorola V525, Motorola V550, Motorola V600, Motorola V80, Motorola V975, Nokia 2650, Nokia 3100, Nokia 3120, Nokia 3200, Nokia 3220, Nokia 3230, Nokia 3300, Nokia 5100, Nokia 5140, Nokia 6020, Nokia 6030, Nokia 6100, Nokia 6108, Nokia 6170, Nokia 6200, Nokia 6220, Nokia 6225, Nokia 6230, Nokia 6235i, Nokia 6260, Nokia 6585, Nokia 6600, Nokia 6610, Nokia 6620, Nokia 6630, Nokia 6650, Nokia 6670, Nokia 6680, Nokia 6800, Nokia 6810, Nokia 6820, Nokia 6822, Nokia 7200, Nokia 7210, Nokia 7250, Nokia 7250i, Nokia 7260, Nokia 7270, Nokia 7600, Nokia 7610, Sharp GX10, Sharp GX10i, Sharp GX20, Sharp GX22, Sharp GX30, Sharp GX32, SonyEricsson K500i, SonyEricsson K600i, SonyEricsson K700i, SonyEricsson K750i, SonyEricsson V800, SonyEricsson W800i, SonyEricsson Z1010, SonyEricsson Z800