Creature Conflict 2D动物大战

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  (金山直译)人冲突是一种回合制式兵学的和真正的时间行动/拱廊元素的混和。 你能和许多富幽默感的动物个性玩, 而且使用非常独特的和好笑的武器。 在不同的游戏可玩性模态之间选择, 如此的当做: 突然的死亡模态,取得旗子 , 或生存! 有极大量的可选择的武器,像: 火箭炮,爆破工核武器, 计时手榴弹,棒球蝙蝠,有毒的枪,炸药,空袭,激光枪, 等等。

  Story :

  Creature Conflict is a blend of turn-based tactical and real time action/arcade elements. You can play with lots of humorous animal characters, and use very unique and funny weapons. Choose between different gameplay modes, such as: sudden death mode, capture the flag, or survival! There are huge amount of selectable weapons, like: Bazooka, Blaster nuke, Time grenade, Baseball bat, Toxic gun, Dynamite, Air Strike, Laser gun, etc.

  Game Features :

  * different gameplay modes

  * more than 20 type of weapons!

  * lots of characters

  * three different landscapes

  * teamplay mode: up to 7 teams at once!

  支持机型 :

  -Motorola V300 Motorola V400 Motorola V500 Motorola V525 Motorola V600

  -Nokia Series 30 color:

  3510i, 3520, 3530, 3560 3586i, 3595 8910i

  -Nokia Series 40:

  3100, 3200, 3300 5100, 5140 6100, 6200, 6230, 6560, 6610 6800, 6820 7210, 7250i

  -Nokia Series 60:

  3600, 3620, 3650, 3660 6600, 7610, 7650

  -Nokia N-Gage

  Nokia N-Gage QD

  -Panasonic X60

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  -Samsung E700

  -Sharp GX10(i) Sharp GX20(i) Sharp GX30

  -Siemens M65 Siemens C65 Siemens CV65 Siemens CX65 Siemens CXT65 Siemens CXV65 Siemens S65

  -Sony Ericsson F500i Sony Ericsson K500(i) Sony Ericsson K700(i) Sony Ericsson Z1010