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Powerball全方位弹球游戏 for S60

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  该游戏的的特点在于弹板是可以360度转圈的,没边, 呵呵~~难度也更大了.


  Nokia 3600

  Nokia 3620

  Nokia 3620-AT&T

  Nokia 3620-Cingular

  Nokia 3620-TMobile

  Nokia 3650

  Nokia 3660

  Nokia 3660-AT&T

  Nokia 3660-Cingular

  Nokia 3660-TMobile

  Nokia 6600

  Nokia 7610

  Nokia 7650

  Nokia N-Gage

  Nokia N-Gage QD

  Nokia N-Gage-AT&T

  Nokia N-Gage-Cingular

  Nokia N-Gage-TMobile

  Nokia Series 60

  Siemens SX1

  The point of the game is to destroy all bricks while keeping the ball on the playing sphere. There are no walls and you have to spin your bar around the game sphere to keep the ball in play. Each level may contain many active objects such as moving and rotating bricks, beams, etc. Beware of deadly turrets on higher levels - these machines fire rockets at your bar. It requires some skills to avoid the shots while keeping the ball in play. Sometimes you will get bonuses for destroying the bricks. Those bonuses can be good ones - additional fireballs, extra life, score bonus, etc, or bad ones that will negatively affect your performance.


  Some levels have turrets. These deadly machines fire rockets during the play. Beware these shots! If the turret hits your bar it will be decreased in size. Next time when it will hit while your bar is already small you'll loose the attempt.


  Your bar is equipped with some fireballs. You can press fire button to shot the fireball in order to destroy a brick.

  Hints: fireballs could be extremely useful when, say, only one brick is left you can shot it with fireball in order to complete the level as far as possible and get higher score as time bonus. Or even when you've lost the ball you still have some time to shot last one or two bricks in order to complete level and SAVE life if you're fast enough.

  It's easy to start, yet hard to master. Good luck!

  Compatible devices:

  - Nokia 7650

  - Nokia 3650/3600

  - Nokia 6600

  - Nokia N-Gage/N-Gage QD

  - Siemens SX1

  - Nokia 7610

  - Nokia 6260

  - Nokia 6620

  - Nokia 6670

  - Panasonic x700/x701