Jaws 3D大白鲨

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  Superscape推出动作游戏《3D大白鲨》(Jaws 3D)手机版本。《3D大白鲨》是根据斯皮尔伯格成名作之一—70年代十分卖座的惊悚冒险电影《大白鲨》改编而成。

  《3D大白鲨》遵循电影原著的风格及主要人物,在游戏最开始阶段,玩家和昆特一起根据日报Amity Gazette指出的线索,出海捕杀鲨鱼。之后,玩家被派往Western Shoals开始独立行动,直到有能力亲自捕杀巨型白鲨Jaws 。 捕到的鲨鱼越大,玩家获得的奖金越多。金钱可以用来购买新渔具,日用品;也可以用来贿赂昆特找到更好捕猎鲨鱼的地点。尽管你会花费很多钱,但是你得到的金钱总数才是你的得分。

  JAWSTM, the edge-of-your-seat, classic blockbuster is finding its way straight to your mobile. It's survival of the fittest with JAWSTM , an action-packed and thrilling game where staying alive is a constant struggle among all the blood-thirsty sharks. This nerve-wracking game will keep you in suspense as you fight off relentless attacks from all directions in order to save yourself from a fatal outcome!

  Strong movie association through amazing 3D graphics combined with the storylines and characters from the movie

  Simple point and shoot gameplay with 15 progressively harder levels as the sharks get more aggressive and your cage deteriorates around you.

  Feel the intensity of the shark’s attack as your phone vibrates in your hand.