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  (金山直译)对于有洞察力的机械手胡说八道的人欢迎 Robocon 精华,银河的首映行星,装满宇宙的最热俱乐部! 现在每个吹牛者的梦是工作在那 '主要的体格',在附近的 swankiest 举办地点。 但是他们只将会轮流农作物的乳酪,因此,你正在去必须藉由从潜水的 scuzziest 逐步发展你的方法证明你的气质-酒吧。

  资讯科技是保存酒醉的反复乐节的你工作- raff 外面的, 使用只有你的机智和精力充沛的望远镜手臂。 资讯科技是斋戒,资讯科技是发狂的,而且资讯科技是所有有关时间安排的事! 选择在 501之间和克拉克当你在可多人玩的困境模态中玩对抗朋友。 或支持来自处理器对手之一的挑战。

  Welcome to Robocon Prime, the galaxy's premiere planet for the discerning robot raver, packed with the hottest clubs in the universe! Now every bouncer's dream is to work at the 'The Main Frame', the swankiest venue around. But they will only take the cream of the crop, so you're going to have to prove your mettle by working your way up from the scuzziest of dive-bars.

  It's your job to keep the drunken riff-raff out, using only your wits and high-powered telescope arm. It's fast, it's crazy and it's all about timing! Choose between 501 and Clock as you play against friends in the multiplayer hot-seat mode. Or take up the challenge from one of the CPU opponents.

  支持机型 :

  Motorola A780 C975 E1000 E680 E680i i605 i870 V1050 V980

  Nokia 3155i 6230i 6255 6255i 6630 6680 6681 6682 8800 N70 N90

  Samsung SGH-Z130 SGH-Z300 SGH-Z500 SGH-ZV30 SPH-A800 SPH-A880 SPH-A900 SPH-A920 SPH-A940

  Sanyo MM-7400 MM-7500 MM-8300 S103

  Sharp 703 902 903 SX813

  Siemens C75 CX65 CX70 CX75 M65 M65i M75 S65 SL65

  SonyEricsson D750i F500i J300c K300c K300i K500c K500i K508c K508i K600i K700i K750c K750i S700i S710a V800 W550i W800 W800i Z500a Z520i Z800

  Panasonic SA6 VS3

  Toshiba 803 TS921

  CECT GS900

  LG MM-535