Titanium 3D泰坦飞船

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  The emergency occurred at the international space station. Some modules are partially destroyed, mutated the experimental model, undertaken from planet Jx-1784673-vp. now at the station everything it burns under the action of radioactive radiation, partially it explodes, ship shakes, which substantially complicates accomplishment of mission, and them in you it will be quite sufficient.

  First, at the basis of game lie 3D shuter from the first person, different creatures, strong and clever, will attack on you, but also your weapon changes in the process of game. The it is further, the more essential the arguments in your hands. But this is not the game, where it is necessary to dully pass level after the level. Game is saturated by surprises in the form of the interesting tasks, whose variety can be compared only with the tasks in the computer games.

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