Codename Havoc 2D终极毁灭

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  Only you stand between survival and the Oblivion!

  In the distant future, Earth lies in ruins after a planet-wide invasion from the alien force known only as the Oblivion. The remnants of humanity that survived the initial onslaught have created scattered pockets of resistance. However, their numbers are falling fast, while the Oblivion legions remain relentless.

  That's where you come in. Created from the finest genetic material and subjected to rigorous military training, you are Earth's last line of defense, the best the remains of mankind and its military have to offer. Flying in the most advanced single-pilot fighter on Earth, you are a veritable fleet of one, capable of single-handedly driving back the Oblivion invaders.

  Fly over the blasted surface of the Earth, the ruined cities, volcanic hills, and seas of lava in the game's expansive levels. Use a variety of weapons, from lasers to fireballs, homing missiles and bombs. Confront the innumerable Oblivion forces, their swarms of fast interceptors, heavy destroyers, motherships, tanks, gigantic mechanical spiders and more.


  * 2/up: forward

  * 4/left: left

  * 6/right: right

  * 5: fire

  * 0: auto-fire

  * Right soft: pause & menu


  * Fast hectic action

  * Large detailed levels

  * Varied weaponry, many power-ups and upgrades

  * Multitudes of enemies and large Bosses

  * Post-apocalyptic setting

  支持机型 :

  Motorola A780 C975 E1000 E680 E680i i605 i870 V1050 V980

  Nokia 3155i 6230i 6255 6255i 6630 6680 6681 6682 8800 N70 N90

  Samsung SGH-Z130 SGH-Z300 SGH-Z500 SGH-ZV30 SPH-A800 SPH-A880 SPH-A900 SPH-A920 SPH-A940

  Sanyo MM-7400 MM-7500 MM-8300 S103

  Sharp 703 902 903 SX813

  Siemens C75 CX65 CX70 CX75 M65 M65i M75 S65 SL65

  SonyEricsson D750i F500i J300c K300c K300i K500c K500i K508c K508i K600i K700i K750c K750i S700i S710a V800 W550i W800 W800i Z500a Z520i Z800

  Panasonic SA6 VS3

  Toshiba 803 TS921

  CECT GS900

  LG MM-535