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Neutro Nick And The Robot Empire机器人帝国

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  Year 2240: The first contact between aliens and humans turns out to be extremely fatal because

  the new life form shows up in the form of Androids whose only interest is to rob the

  technologies developed by humans.

  Thus the interstellar of spaceship ARGO was captured by the

  enemy Androides and the crew was arrested. You are member of the extraterrestrial special force

  and were brought on board in order to rescue the crew as well as to protect the construction

  plans of the advanced Vortex drive stored in the ship computer system. Give the machines no

  chance to conquer the world.

  Controls :

  RIGHT / LEFT to move NeutroNick right and left UP / DOWN to move NeutroNick up and down while

  standing on an elevator plattform.


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