Black Shark 2D黑鲨战机

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  每个人在童年都梦想能成为一个飞行员或宇航员。而每一名飞行员的梦想是开飞得最快和危险的现代重型装甲直升机K-50“黑鲨”。你的目标是摧毁恐怖组织“Children of Danawa”的基地。此军事基地正准备进行核试爆,许多人的生命将被这强大的武器威胁,你必须战胜无数的敌人并完成任务!!

  In childhood everybody dreams to be an astronaut or pilot. Every pilot dreams to fly on one of the fastest and dangerous heavy armored modern helicopter - K-50"Black Shark". Your objective is to demolish the military bases of the enraged terrorist organization"Children of Danawa", which, by some incomprehensible means, have run into possession of nuclear weapons.

  Ten secure military bases are ready to make a nuclear explosion. The lives of many people are in powerful arms and armored cabin of your war machine. Can you fight against endless enemies.

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