Battlestar Galactica 2D太空堡垒

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  Battlestar Galactica Mobile captures the thrill and suspense of your favorite SCI FI Channel show. Start as a rookie pilot, take over the controls of the Colonial Viper Mark VII high-performance fighter, and plunge right into the ongoing interstellar war! Fight your way through 11 levels and a variety of missions in this action-packed shooter game, then put your skills to the test as you battle head-to-head with the deadly Cylons.

  The Battlestar Galactica mobile game perfectly captures the thrill and suspense of the popular show that debuted as a mini-series in 2003 and recently wrapped production of its second season for the SCI FI Channel. Starting as a rookie pilot, players take over the controls of the Colonial Viper Mark VII high performance fighter, and are quickly drawn into the ongoing interstellar war.


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