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  From the day when Earth first established contact with extra-terrestrial civilizations many things have changed... Several settlements were created where earth and extra-terrestrial specialists could study each other's customs and traditions. Both civilizations were happy with the cooperation and were making plans for the future. Yet in a month something went wrong. Bersville settlement suddenly stopped all communication with the outer world. Then twelve other settlements went silent too. The Aliens also suddenly ceased answering the inquiries. The world was waiting... Waiting for the unknown... The patrol unit sent to Bersville for investigation was attacked from earth...

  Your mission is to get through all the levels and find out what happened in Bersville settlement. The missions are all set in different locations including jungle, empty village and underground alien base. Throughout the missions you can collect first aids to revive your character.

  DND Features:

  2D action and shooting game

  Several types of weapons

  Hours of absolute fun

  High-quality graphics