Deer Hunter 2猎鹿人2

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  Glu Mobile Deer Hunter 2 S60 J2me

  Experience the thrill of the hunt right on your phone with Deer Hunter 2, the sequel to the best selling mobile hunting game ever. Take aim on more deer species with more weapons in all new beautifully detailed environments. Utilize the GPS system to track deer and choose your hunting location.

  Attract deer with scents and calls then use the Steady Aim System for pinpoint accuracy. Use your binoculars to spot the biggest bucks and then tag them for easy tracking. Hit the kill zone for one shot take downs and an instant replay of the action. Set your sights on the most realistic hunting game available on your phone.

  Features :

  * Graphical Overhaul - New locations, better graphics, weather effects, parallax backgrounds, and dramatically improved deer animations.

  * Persistent Environments - Use GPS to display current location & direction. Track deer and mark their location. Enter unique looking locations within same environment.

  * Kill Zone Aiming - Larger scope views allows players to shoot deer in specific body parts for immediate kills. If player misses kill zone, injured deer will run away, requiring player to track it.

  * Dramatic Death View – Take a deer down in one shot and watch the dramatic death sequence.

  * Steady Aim System – Take a breath and steady your aim for pinpoint accuracy.

  * Tagging – use your binoculars to spot the biggest bucks and then tag them for easy tracking.

  * More Deer Species – Including Doe and Fawn targets for added strategy and quick-thinking.

  * Customization – Allot skill points towards tracking, stealth lures, or weapon proficiency.

  * Multiple Modes – Jump into a quick hunt in the Shooting Gallery or climb the hunter’s ranks in Career Hunt.

  * Unlockable Content – Get unorthodox equipment and game modes by achieving certain game objectives.

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