Alien Quadrant 3D3D异形星球

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  由Micazook出品的手机游戏《3D异形星球》(Alien Quadrant 3D)。这是一款第一人称射击游戏。 从游戏名称就可以看出,这将是又一个关于“异形”的科幻故事。外星殖民侵略、Alpha system,这些让星舰迷们津津乐道的情节将再次出现在游戏中。定相武器的开火,光子的发射,和建筑物的爆炸绝对让人觉得震撼,特别是放在3D环境中来使用,将带给玩家视觉和听觉的全方位享受。

  Ferrinox 9 colony under attack.

  Alien Quadrant is a 3D first Person Shooter which takes place on Ferrinox 9, a colonized planet in the Alpha system.

  The Ferrinox 9 Colony Defense System was unable to detect hostile spaceships and now the colony is in grave danger. The situation is critical, and all the remaining inhabitants are being evacuated.

  Explore 8 huge levels filled with stairs, lifts, secrets and outdoor areas. Challenge 6 different enemies. Use 4 devastating weapons and awesome Power Up's.