Billy the Kid II比利小子2

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  熟悉电影《比利小子》的人都知道,比利小子(Billy the Kid)其人是美国历史上有名的罪犯,真名为威廉邦尼(William Bonney).由于他的行为时常遭人误解,因此跟为非作歹的不法之徒搞在一起,成了著名的狂徒之一。加勒特警长曾经一度是他的好友,后来却成为他的终极杀手!

  Once an outlaw, Billy is trying to settle down with the help of a new friend, but things take a turn for the worse when his old band comes looking for the kid.

  All hell brakes loose as Billy is framed for the death of his benefactor. Hunted by the law, the kid embarks on a mission to clear his name and take revenge on those who stole his second chance.