Tank Survive War坦克生存之战

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  你是靠着你的高科技坦克战斗到最后一刻的人。在城市和其他景观完成你的生存任务。吉普车、火箭筒、轻重型坦克都会试图摧毁你。利用你手上的武器以避免失败收场。沿路不要忘记收集散落的医药包和弹药武器。 6600测试通过。……

  You are the last man standing the only left weapon against your opponents is your hi-tech tank. Survive missions in the city and landscape. Jeeps, rocket launchers, light and heavy tanks try to destroy you, use all your weapons to avoid the failure. On your way don؟t forget to pick up health packs and ammunition