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  SAINTS ROW.Javagame 299kb:


  Steal,rob,fight and shoot your way to the top -you choose the way you want to get the open world of SAINTS ROW the streets are alive and fighting back.Start as lowlevel gang member and rise through the gang any way you can;Theft,Extortion,Pimping,Dealing or just Mayhem...Mission based goals but user is free to do whateve they want.

  Saints Row is a gritty 3rd person action/shooter game based on the XBOX 360 title from THQ. In the game you play as a member of the 3rd Street Saints on a mission to rise through the ranks and take over the city from rival gangs, one District at a time. Remember that your actions can have consequences so it is up to you to decide how best to make it to the top. Enough Talk. Let's Play.

  compatibility - all midp2.0 handsets