Indian Poker印度扑克

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  印度纸牌游戏-Verity Technologies

  这是一种按照印度传统在排灯节上玩的游戏(名叫Teen Patti,在印度北方就是三张牌的意思),不过另外一方面这个游戏已经成为世界各地随时可以玩了。这个游戏对玩家的规则很简单,可以两人或两人以上同时玩。






  支持8个玩家:游戏支持2、4、6或8个玩家(包括你)同时游戏The game is traditionally played on Diwali in India (as Teen Patti, meaning three cards in Hindi) but otherwise is also played all year round throughout the world. The game has similar rules to Poker. The game is be played by 2 or more people.

  A different and very exciting variant of Poker, with only 3 cards to each player. Hence, a must play for all you card lovers. Even if you are not a casino freak, the simple rules of this game can make sure that you can play it as good as a Poker professional.

  Key Features:

  - Artificial Intelligence - The CPU players are all intelligent players and will play like real humans.

  - Saved State - The number of games played, number of games won and the money available with you is always saved in the game.

  - Bankrupt - On losing the given 100 units, you will go bankrupt, but you are replenished with another 100 units immediately.

  - Blind and Seen - Play either Blind or Seen like you would with your friends.

  - Upto 8 Players - Play with 2, 4, 6 or 8 players (including you) at the same table.

  Please note -

  Though the game is traditionally meant to gamble, this game is only for entertainment and not gambling.

  After installing the SIS file, you will be prompted again to install the JAR file of the application. Please install this to enable the icon to appear in your main menu.


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