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Scuba Solitaire 3D水中单人纸牌

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  Unlock the secrets of the deep

  A wonderfully illustrated Solitaire game utilising 3d techniques. The universal appeal of solitaire combined with the unparalleled 3D graphics make this a first class gaming experience. Familiar Klondike Solitaire rules set in an underwater world gives the impression of playing on a glass bottom boat. Watch as you float through the magnificent scenery while the creatures from the sea world swim past.


  Photorealistic underwater world.

  Easy to use controls and addictive gameplay.

  Breathtaking scenery ensures that this classic is a real adventure.

  Visit the fish tank where you can admire the creatures you have already spotted

  How to play

  Scuba Solitaire follows the standard rules for Klondike. It can be played in either 1 card or 3 card variations by selecting the preferred variation in the settings menu.

  Keyboard Layout

  Joypad and Keys 2,4,8,6 move the cursor.

  Ok or 5 to select.

  0 deals card/s from the deck.

  Additional Features

  Scuba solitaire has two auto modes to assist the user when playing the game. These can be disabled in the settings menu.

  Auto Suggest: After card/s are selected the cursor will automatically move to the first legal position in the stacks or cells.

  Autoplace: Cards that can be moved to the cells will be automatically moved. Please note that because Scuba solitaire follows standard Klondike rules and does not allow moving cards from the cells, Autoplace will not move cards that may be required in play


  To reveal all cards in a stack the user can press and hold the right soft key to display all the card numbers and suits in that stack in order to make strategic decisions.


  10 points for a card moved to the cells

  5 points for revealing a card

  5 points for a card moved to the stacks

  20 points are lost when turning the deck in 1 card mode and every 3 times in 3 card mode

  Scoring points unlocks different aquatic life, which will appear in the game screen and the Fish Tank, which can be found in the main menu. On successful completion of a game an additional time bonus is added